Celebrating three years on this blog & a thank you

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I made this blog somewhere in January 2016, after not loving the blog I was writing before. I have since learned that this is just something that I go through, loving and not loving my blog. It’s part of my creative process and just something I have to deal with.

I’d say my blog definitely grew a lot over the years . I started out writing little anecdotes about my life, about life lessons I learned or funny conversations I’ve had. I then started to write more about personal development as I was entering adulthood. Reading is something I’ve always loved, so I started to enjoy writing more about that. These days my blog is about books, but definitely also about my personal life. A healthy balance.

Yesterday, I managed to get one thousand followers on this lovely little internet space of mine. The fact that ONE THOUSAND people now follow my rambles and care about what I have to say is amazing. Sure, compared to some other blogs it’s not a huge number. It’s not the type of number that will get me huge sponsor deals that’ll pay my rent, but I honestly don’t care.

I love the little community we’ve built here. Some of you read & comment on almost every post, or you’ll dm me on Twitter to tell me how much you loved reading it. That’s why I still love blogging, and I’m still around. So this is a thank you to all the dedicated readers that like to hang around here and talk to me. We might not agree on everything, and your reading taste might be completely different than mine, but I love chatting with you all, and your comments never fail to make me smile.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Celebrating three years on this blog & a thank you

  1. 🙂 There are not many people who can proudly boast about having a blog around for three years. You deserve a standing ovation.

    And, I also wish you the best with your blog and may the number of your followers continue to grow!


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