I’m Instagram Tired: 5 ‘Pro Tips’ I Refuse to Follow

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I know, I know. It seems like every blogger or ‘social media person’ has been annoyed with Instagram lately. It all seemed to start when the algorithm changed. Instagram went from a chronological feed to a ‘show best posts first’ feed (I’m sure there’s a fancy word for that, but you get it.) This seems to be a trend among social media platforms. And from their standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. Personalize a feed so users see more posts that they actually like. The users will then spend more time on your platform, and (hopefully) generate more revenue.

That, combined with Instagram Stories and IGTV (does anyone even still use that?!?) really did change Instagram. But my beef with the platform is not so much the less likes I’m getting on a picture. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about that. It’s how it changes the content other people upload. The whole platform feels less genuine, and it seems that everyone is catering their content to what Instagram wants it to be now, instead of sharing what they actually want to share. I can’t blame them, but there are a few things I refuse to participate in..

Pro Tip #1: Follow people so they follow you
Follow-for-follow is huge on every platform (Twitter follow trains anyone?) but Instagram is especially bad. I already know that when I’m followed by someone who has a bigger amount of following and does not follow a lot of people themselves, they will unfollow me as soon as I follow them (and if I don’t, they will also unfollow me). I just don’t like this stuff. I follow someone if I like their content, regardless if they follow me back or not. And I would like for people to do the same with me.

Pro Tip #2: Comment on everyone’s posts
A while back it seemed like bots on Instagram became all the rage. For some reason whenever you’d use a hashtag (even one!) you’d get comments that were just ”Cute!” or a random emoji. I think most people know this by now, but these comments are completely botted. People see it as a way to get their account out there but it sucks, especially if someone posts a sad update. A while back one of my friends posted an Instagram post of their grandmother, who was recently admitted to the hospital. The first comment on the post was a heart-eyes emoji.

Pro Tip #3: Post every day around the same time
If I snap a pic I like I want to post it now. That’s just how my mind works. I guess if I have a ton of pics I like, I will keep some in my catalogue for later. But most of the time I’m too impulsive to wait with my pics. If I don’t do that, that just takes the ”insta” out of instagram for me.

Pro Tip #4: Make sure every post is worthwhile and shareable
Not everything I want to share is shareable in itself. my page is personal and my posts reflect that. I have almost 850 posts now, and I love going back through them. It makes me feel nostalgic! When I start posting every day just for the sake of it, I will most likely not have that same feeling when I scroll through my feed.

Pro Tip #5: Utilize Stories to let people know about your new posts
I never understood the idea of announcing a new post in your story. How often do you click on posts when you see them announced in stories? Right. For me that number is exactly zero. I understand that people wants likes and comments, but unless you already have a huge following I don’t see this working. I much prefer stories for posting snapshots of life. I might be weird with this, but I like seeing people do random mundane every day stuff. It’s calming to browse through.


11 thoughts on “I’m Instagram Tired: 5 ‘Pro Tips’ I Refuse to Follow

  1. I agree with you so much! I’ve been enjoying your posts since I followed semi-recently, and I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award if you’re interested in completing it!


  2. I don’t understand Instagram… Even book bloggers I interact with don’t follow me back so I have no idea what that platform is all about.. I am too dumb for Instagram is all I can say… I post some days and hardly get any likes and it doesn’t even show feeds properly… 😕


    1. It seems that having a lot of followers while not following a lot of people yourself is what a lot of people strive for.


  3. Instagram is probably my least favourite platform. I used to love it but now I can go days, even weeks, without checking it. It’s lost what made it great. I completely agree with all your points. The follow-unfollow game people play is ridiculous and I know there are people who set their accounts to unfollow anyone who hasn’t posted in a day or two. It just seems pointless. Follow people who have content you like isn’t hard. I just don’t get it. The bots are annoying. What happened to your friend is awful and totally insensitive!
    Great post!


    1. ”It’s lost what made it great.” is exactly true. I didn’t know you could set your account to automatically unfollow people that haven’t posted but it makes sense.. If I don’t post something for a few days I get unfollowed randomly too.


  4. I truly agree with all your points… long gone are the days where instagram was used to share moments of people’s life … and today it feels just like people living and dping things just for the sake of posting it and ah.. obviously for the likes and comments.. also the follow unfollow game.. not cool people!


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