Unpopular Bookish Opinions

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Anything that goes against the grain immediately grabs my attention; maybe that’s why I love listening to unpopular opinions so much. Sharing them has been a thing on Twitter lately, and it inspired me to write this post!

Katniss should’ve ended up alone
People are either Team Peeta or Team Gale.. and here I am sitting quietly, by myself, in the ”Katniss should’ve ended up alone” team. Before you crucify me, let me explain. Katniss never made a choice. People were pulling at her from different angles, and she was just falling for the person that happened to be right in front of her. I never felt like she was one hundred percent going for either or. Ending up alone would have fitted her independent personality.

Floppy mass marker paperbacks are the best
I know a lot of people don’t like these, but I LOVE a good floppy mass market paperback. Especially the really thick ones that look like bricks. There is something about them that makes them so lovely to read and go through. But then again I don’t mind breaking the spines of my books, so I think that helps a lot.

Highlighting books and dog-earing them is okay
I actually talked about this before, but I wanted to mention it here because I do feel like most people disagree with me here. I love annotating my books, and I love when they look all beat up. It just makes my books look so loved. Going back to books that I annotated ages ago makes me feel nostalgic inside, in the same way that looking at an old journal might do.

Rainbow shelves stress me out
Writing this, I realise that this definitely fits with my previous point. Maybe I’m just not neat enough, but rainbow shelves kind of weird me out. I feel like it’s not how a bookshelf is ”supposed” to look. I like the messy book bookshelves have, and it’s how I prefer mine. But hey, to each their own. 

I dislike the perfect ending of Harry Potter
I dislike endings of books in which all the main characters end up not only alive, but paired up with another main character. Now, I know that in Harry Potter, we did deal with some loss and people died in pretty much every book, but the ”nineteen years later” part ate at me for literal YEARS after reading it. I just do not feel like it’s realistic for the characters to all marry their high school sweethearts and name their children after other characters that passed away earlier. Man, I could write an entire rant post about just this topic. Maybe I will.

I will never read the Game of Thrones series
When I read a series and I get really invested in it, I like to binge all the books at once. Occasionally I will start a series in which not all the books have been released yet, but only if there is a good chance that series will actually be finished one day. Game of Thrones is not one of those series. I think most of us will agree that the series will never ever be finished, and that there is a bigger chance George R.R Martin will pass away before he can finish the books. Unfortunately, because the story does sound super interesting and well-fleshed out.

Now, I would love to hear YOUR unpopular bookish opinions. Are there any popular authors you could just not get into? What about tropes you keep seeing that you just absolutely despise? I would love to hear about them in the comments.



11 thoughts on “Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  1. Haha, to the point about rainbow shelves, I have to agree. There’s something I personally find disconcerting(?) about a system of colors. I mean, what happens when a book is multicolored? It’s definitely an aesthetic choice between contained chaos or separating your colors.


  2. Totally agree with annotating and dog-earring books! I’m a huge fan of buying books from charity shops, and the most worn books are usually the most loved. I love seeing what someone else thought while reading, as long as you can still read it! And as you’ve said, an imperfect book means you can feel more relaxed reading it and *gasp* break the spine without the guilt x

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  3. I’m one of those Peeta and Katniss fans, but I get it. I love the pictures of rainbow shelves, but I totally agree about them being stressful, especially if they’re your own shelves. How do you find the rest of a series? Or books by the same author? Or literally anything? I’m stressed out from the thought alone.

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    1. Yes rainbow shelves have no logic! but then again I have my books categorized by ”read” and ”to be read” and that stresses some people out too.. hahahaha.

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  4. I love this! I agree with pretty much all of these. It’s fine to dog-ear and annotate books, although I personally don’t do either of those anymore; books that look pristine just don’t look as though they’ve been loved enough. I like my books to have a bit of wear and tear on them because it shows just how much I’ve enjoyed the book to keep going back to it. As a diehard Potter fan, I have to agree with you. I thought some of the relationships were unbelievable, especially Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione. Although, JKR has said she now regrets those pairings and would have done it differently if she could. Yes! Thank you for mentioning Game of Thrones. I always felt like I *should* be reading it because a lot of bloggers do, but I just don’t want to read a series that is not finished and runs the risk of never being finished.
    This was a great post!


    1. Thank you so much! Honestly I didn’t know JKR regretted the way she ended the books, that’s so interesting to me and I would love to read an alternative ending ”down the line” at some point. A girl can dream, right? With Game of Thrones.. I feel like if someone is going to finish the books it’s not going to be George.


  5. I totally agree that Katniss should have ended up alone! My unpopular opinion bookish opinion is about the The Mortal Instruments series – I just didn’t enjoy them as much as everyone said I would – there’s so much hype around them!

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