Five Thoughts I Had in my First Five Weeks of Law School

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If you read this blog, my tweets or Instagram captions recently, you’ll know that I started law school at the beginning of September — honesty I feel like I talk about it so much that some people might be sick of it at this point, but I love talking about university and studying on here, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I worked towards going to law school for so long and now that it’s finally here, I am diving right in. Law school is very all-consuming, and I really want to talk about it more on this blog, so here are five thoughts I had in the first five weeks of law school to start out with this new ‘law school adventure’ blog post series. 🙂

These law books are SCARY
Law school is pretty much synonymous with ‘big, heavy, dense books’ and lots of reading, and my degree is no different. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty daunting at the start, especially because we also read a lot of jurisprudence. I also needed to learn how to work with our law books. I live in a civil law country, which means – unlike common law countries – we work with law books that have all the important laws you need and casebooks are completely separate. Formal precedents are not a thing, so the actual written text itself is super important. I’m getting muscles from carrying around all those heavy books, at least.

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing
I think anyone who starts law school – or any degree for that matter – will suffer from imposter syndrome in one way or another. Although my classmates are very nice and make me feel like I belong, I’ve definitely had moments where I had no idea what was going on or how I am doing, nor that I deserved to be in law school. I’m the first person in my family to attend University, and it’s all still a little surreal to me sometimes!

This is amazing
I went to journalism school, did a course in social work and now I’m in law school. But until now I have never felt truly challenged in high school or college. I always did well on tests without doing much work, and I sometimes felt like the class would dwell on things that I already understood. Law school demands a lot more from me, and I LOVE that. The work load is much heavier and the material much more challenging.

I’m going to fail this test
If you haven’t noticed already, the first five weeks of school were a rollercoaster. I only take one class at a time, which means I have a serious exam every five weeks. I just did the first one this Friday, and leading up to it I had multiple anxious moments in which I was scared I would fail and had to drop out. I don’t consider myself to be a very insecure person, but regarding school.. It’s something I still work on.

I have never felt more at home
Like I mentioned earlier, I have never felt like the education I got really fit me as a person. That also reflected in the interaction I had with my peers. I liked different things than them, and although that has never been a big problem, it did mean that I was always a bit of an outsider, just doing my own thing. Law school has changed all that, my peers make me feel at home and I can have super interesting discussions with them about all sorts of things. I feel at home!


8 thoughts on “Five Thoughts I Had in my First Five Weeks of Law School

  1. Here in the Philippines, our law professors would always say, “Law school is a jealous mistress”. I feel you, Dalindcy. And the pressure becomes almost too unbearable if you are in your final year. Trust me. It’s like you almost want to collapse.

    But you’ll get through this. We will — alive, happy, and beautiful!


  2. Law school’s a tough tattle. I hope your first exams went well. It wasn’t long ago that I was going through the same thing – if you can do well on the curve as a 1L, that makes things a lot easier in your second and third years.


    1. Sorry, just realized you’re attending law school in the Netherlands after writing that. I hope you guys have a better time over there with the study of law than we do in the US!


      1. No worries and thank you! It’s tough, but we don’t have a curve (just individual grades) which takes away some of the stress for me:)

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  3. I love that you love that you are challenged with this degree! I think that feeling comfortable in the right form of education is quite important for how you perceive your education and related professions, so it’s good to hear that you feel at home 🙂 Love to see more of your law school related content in the future!


  4. I love to read your thoughts about law school! Well, I realized it’s not going to be easy studying in this field and I am amazed you choose law to be your favourite course! Best of luck to your studies ahead!❤

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