8 Specific Types of Young Adult Books That I Would Like To Read More Of

reading less YA

Do you ever read a book with very specific tropes and you just go ”give me more of that!” but it’s super hard, of not impossible, to find those books? This happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. I figured writing a blog post listing all my favorite too-specific-to-search-tropes and maybe, just maybe you’ll think of a book that you just KNOW I’ll love! If you do, please recommend it to me in the comment section down below. 

Books in which food somehow plays a huge role
I’m talking the type of book in which food is more than just fuel. I want it to SHINE. Food is often part of a culture, a time period or even a fantasy world, and too often to I feel like authors forget how much you can tell about a setting with food.

Books with female pirates
I’m sure they’re out there, but WHERE? I read about a female pirate in the Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab, and I want more girly pirates now. I want to read more pirate stories anyway, why do I feel like this is a setting we don’t see that often in YA fiction?

Books with a library setting, or books about books in general
Take a drink every time I say ‘book’. But seriously, I love reading books about books, or books that have a library setting. Library settings are magical, and usually instantly make me love about about 64% more. 

Books with unlikeable main characters
Give me dark and twisty main characters. Give me main characters that make the wrong decision and push everyone away. But most of all, make me root for these people even though I shouldn’t. 

(Realistic) books set in law school
Okay, I’m only including this here because I’m starting law school in about two weeks and I’m super excited about it. I’m currently reading and watching anything law school related that I can get my hands on. Yes.. I’m that much of a geek. But I would like the books to be somewhat realistic, because I bet law school isn’t as glamorous as some books and films make it out to be, and I don’t want to set myself up for failure. 

being well read

Enemy-to-lovers trope
I feel like this is getting much more popular in YA fiction (it’s the new love triangle, people) but it’s not written the specific way I would like it to be written. I only like this trope if the two characters aren’t supposed to like each other because of political or societal expectations, or because they met under the wrong circumstances. Too often I see one of the two characters being abusive to the other, and then that abusive behaviour being excused for the sake of the story.

Books with messy and imperfect endings
Don’t you hate it when a book is quite messy and bloody, but in the end everyone ends up with the person they’re supposed to end up with? Or you know, everyone survives in the first place? I feel like if you go through a horrible war, it’s impossible to have every important character survive. It’s just unrealistic! Sometimes characters need to die in order to push the story forward, and that’s a fact.

Books with girls being unapologetically girly
Way too often I still see female characters being more ”masculine” when they start taking their life or career seriously. They’ll cut off their hair for example, or they’ll start wearing flats instead of heels so they’re taken seriously as an intellectual. I LOVE stories that don’t do this, and let the female character be true to themselves. Why can’t you be a kickass?!


17 thoughts on “8 Specific Types of Young Adult Books That I Would Like To Read More Of

  1. Yes!!! I completely agree with all of these, my personal fave is when ‘girl has to go to a palace against her will even though she doesn’t want to’ I will n e v e r get sick of it 😂 great post ❤️

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  2. This is such a great list! I would LOVE more books with tons of food in it, in the descriptions and everything, that always makes me so happy (and so hungry haha). I also love a great book with books being part of it all, as a setting, in libraries or something, that’s always amazing. I’m thinking of Words in Deep Blue at the moment that I loved and is partially set in an amazing bookshop, in case you haven’t read it, it’s a lovely read, too 😀

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  3. Books about law school! I’m expecting to start law school in a year but I’m already taking introductory classes so I have an idea what to expect. Totally not Legally Blonde. Seriously, I just want more books with a focus on law. Also I love enemies-to-lovers without the iffy and gross abusive relationship aspect.

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    1. Good luck with your endeavors! Future law students unite! I love Legally Blonde, but it is NOT a realistic portrayal of law school in the slightest. 😂

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  4. These are all things I love in books and now I need to keep an eye out for any recommendations people give. The enemies to lovers you’re looking for might be Sky in the Deep, but there’s some fighting between them since they’re from warring clans.

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