The Pros and Cons of Reviewing ARCs

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After a bunch of people loved my post about the pros and cons of being a mood reader, I decided to have this format make a comeback, and this time we’re talking ARCs!

For those of you who stumbled on this post and have no idea what an ARC is: this acronym stands for Advanced Reader Copy, and it’s a version of a book that is often released to a very small amount of people before the actual release date. These people, often book bloggers or BookTubers, will then review the book beforehand and (hopefully) create some hype! ARCs are also sometimes given out to get feedback from readers about the actual content of the book. Think pace, characters, writing style..

ARCs usually still have some typos and other mistakes in them (it’s almost never the final copy!) and most of the times the final cover isn’t there either. I’ve been ARC reviewing for a long time. If you want to send me an ARC, please check out my review policy.

Pros of reviewing ARCs

  • You get to read the book before anyone else! Or.. almost anyone else. If you’re excited about a book, those few weeks or months make all the difference. If it’s a very anticipated release and you’re first with a review on your platform of choice, you’ll probably reach a bigger audience too.
  • Your reading makes a difference. I don’t know if this is a pro for anyone else.. but I love this about ARC reading. It just feels like my feedback and review is valued.
  • You get books in your mailbox. Christmas in July! Or.. August actually. It’s so much fun to get books in your mailbox. Sometimes I get sent books unsolicited, and although I prefer it if people let me know that they’re going to send me a book, it’s still nice to open up a little present!

Cons of reviewing ARCs

  • You actually need to finish the book, even if you hate it. Okay, I guess technically you don’t HAVE to, but we all know our reviews are the most well-rounded if we do. So we might have to sit through a book we really don’t like.
  • And then you have to send that negative review to the publisher. Or, if you review self-published books, back to the author. This is my least favorite thing about ARC reviewing. I feel so mean! Someone worked hard on this piece of writing and here I am trashing it. If I work with a publisher, I never tag the author in my review, they don’t need to know.
  • You have to read the books before they are released. At least this is usually the case. This can completely throw off your TBR plans, and if you’re a mood reader like me you might have to read a book when you’re just not in the mood for it, and that can jump-start a reading slump..

I never had a publisher or author cut ties with me because I didn’t like their book, but it’s something that’s always on the back of my mind. If you’re new to ARC reviewing, I think this is good information to know up front – you’re really getting into something! And although there is a darker side to ARC reviewing, I would NEVER give it up. Reviewing books is one of my favorite things to do and when someone wants me to review a book, it absolutely makes my day!

Do you review ARCs? Do you have any more pros or cons to add to the list?

3 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Reviewing ARCs

  1. Reading the book early, especially the first in the series, does have it’s downfalls because you have to wait extra long for the sequel 😛

    I have DNF’d ARCs before. I try my best not to but I think it’s an honest response (which is what they ask for by providing a copy) and I do my best to be critical and open about what worked and didn’t work.

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    1. I like your point about the DNF. That it is still an accurate representation of what you thought of the book (not good enough to continue). I’m quite good at DNF’ing, but NOT ARCs!

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