Five Factors That Make Me Want To DNF A Book

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I’ve talked about getting comfortable with DNF’ing books on this blog before. In that post, I wrote about why it’s hard to DNF books and how to deal with the guilt that comes along with it.

In this post, I want to dig a little deeper. What are my personal dealbreakers when it comes to reading books? When do you I decide it’s time to stop? And most importantly, let me know about your dealbreakers in the comments below!

Bad writing
One of my major dealbreakers when it comes to quitting books is bad writing. Of course, what this actually entails is subjective. I can get real technical about it: inconsistency in terms of verbs, passive voice, paragraphs or dialogue that doesn’t flow and/or that’s unrealistic. I appreciate style, but when I read a book and I constantly get annoyed by the way it’s written, I just quit.

Having trouble understanding a character’s motive
I always preach that I do not need to ‘relate’ to a character – I actually think it’s amazing to read about characters who are vastly different from myself – but I do need to understand a characters motive. WHY do they feel the way they feel, and how did that happen? If the author fails to make that clear, I just stop caring about the story.

Slow moving plots
I admit, I get bored easily. There are a lot of character-focused novels that I enjoy, but I do notice a trend: books with very slow moving plots are not my favorite. When I’m halfway through a book and I still don’t know anything about what’s going on, nor do I feel like the characters have really gotten anywhere, there is a big chance that I will just quit. At that point, it is no longer ‘suspense’ and I just stop caring. This is why I DNF’d The Raven Boys. 

Cliched, ‘focus on the romance’ plots
I’m not a big romance reader – usually I’m SUPER on board with it or not at all. There is no in between! This usually has to do with the fact that most (YA) romance books are filled with tropes and plot devices I really don’t like. Lazy insta-love, love-triangles just to build some suspense.. It’s just not my thing. If the book premise promises romance, it’s cool. I’ll probably won’t read it. But if the premise promises action or epic fantasy and the book is filled with romance? Naaaah.

Plot holes
This one is more about series I DNF than just books. I HATE it when books are part of a series but their individual plots aren’t wrapped up properly. So much so, that it often takes away my excitement for the series in general. I like series, but I also believe books should be satisfying by themselves. When I miss that balance, I DNF the series.


5 thoughts on “Five Factors That Make Me Want To DNF A Book

  1. I completely agree with you on the romance thing, I honestly hate when a story has such an interesting premise but then becomes all about a relationship. I find that happens a lot in YA books, like A Quiet Kind of Thunder – such a good idea, kind of boring outcome. Also that last point, I find that SO frustrating! I hate when you get right to the end of the book but they expect you to read another one to find out how it ends! Absolutely not!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


  2. I love this post and agree with so much of what you said especially about the romance. A bad romance can really ruin a book for me especially in a book where I do not feel a romance is even necessary. I am like you where I am either all in to a romance or I absolutely hate it!

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    1. Those books where they just throw in a romance because ”there has to be a romance” ugh. If I ever write a book I will include NO romance!

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  3. I didn’t know what a DNF was, which was why I HAD to click this post and read it!! Needless to say, I have also felt the DNF but not really with fictional books. I almost always end up finishing the books I start, especially if they are in a physical form. I think the only ones I put down were books that were just too uncomfortable, like Game of Thrones and other explicit content.
    Another book that I threw across the room was 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. All that jargon was going over my head and making me feel very inEffective……..
    Good post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Tech me your waaays. I don’t have the patience to finish books that I don’t like. I don’t think I want to read Game of Thrones like ever. I don’t have a problem with the explicit content, but I don’t think that series will EVER be finished..


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