Poetry Review: Chatterbox by Sandy Day

Chatterbox sandy day

Title: Chatterbox
Author: Sandy Day
Pages: 132
Genre: poetry
Publication date: January 20th 2018 (first published July 2011)

Chatterbox is a poetry collection consisting of one hundred and ten poems written during a year of marriage disintegration. The poems explore a world of bewildering emotions ranging from sadness and terror to anger and enlightenment. The collection, divided in four different parts  – Chattering, scattering, craving and knocking – guides you through all of these emotions.

And this is exactly the part that I loved most about this collection. Every single poem brought it’s own little piece to the puzzle, adding to the overall story being told by the author. I myself have never dealt with divorce, but that made no difference in the relatability of this collection.

Each and every poem is a separate work, but they all fit into the bigger picture of dealing with loss, betrayal, abandonment, resentment and bitterness. And that’s what makes these poems so real – it reads like the author is finally speaking up after years and years of silence. Like the author is finally allowing herself to feel emotions that she wasn’t allowed to feel before. 

The author uses a wide variety of metaphors to translate these emotions to poems. We enter the world of the Wizard of Oz, the Garden of Eden, of dolls and fairytales. My favorite poem in this collection, Resentment Doll, also uses one of these metaphors.

I love how this collection humanizes these emotions. Reading this helped me remind myself that feeling resentment and bitterness towards someone is part of the healing process – but that if you allow yourself to heal, it’s also just that. A stage.

Sandy Day has managed to write a poetry collection that is both simple and complex, accessible and approachable, vulnerable and strong, angry and happy.

Final rating: 

4 stars

Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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