The Pros and Cons of Being a Mood Reader

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Do you ever scroll through your Youtube subscription page or Bookstagram feed at the beginning of the month seeing stacks of books with the caption/title ”This is my Monthly TBR!” And can you just not relate? Is it impossible for you to set a TBR at the beginning of the month and stick to it? Do you always end up reading other books? Congrats, you might just be a mood reader.

I am a huge mood reader and I recognize that it has its ups and downsides, which is what I want to discuss with you today.

Pros of being a mood reader

  • I almost never struggle to choose a book: In my reading routine post I talked about how I’m often already eyeing a few books when I’m about to finish one. Looking at my reading history, I often alternate between different genres because that’s just what I feel like reading. I’ll read a huge fantasy novel and then some light contemporary next.
  • Less DNF’ing: Because I am really in tune with my reading mood, I have a feeling that I know what I’m going to like at that specific moment. Because of that, I don’t often DNF books these days, even though I’m pretty comfortable with it. I almost always pick something that I can personally connect to at that very moment.
  • I read broadly: Not to say that you can’t read broadly if you set monthly TBRs or that this is the case for every mood reader, but because my reading moods are so out there (I’ll feel like reading a classic and a high fantasy or a memoir or whatever) I read very broadly, all the time!

Cons of being a mood reader

  • It’s hard to fit in ARCs: If you like reading a lot of advanced reader copies and you need to have a review up before a specific date, you might hate being a mood reader. If I read a book that I’m not actually in the mood for, it often lowers my enjoyment of that book, and that affects the review. This is why it’s sometimes hard for me to fit in ARCs and I don’t read them as often as I used to. I still really enjoy ARCs from time to time though!
  • My TBR will never end: because I sometimes am not in the mood to read anything on my TBR and I end up buying something else (or getting it from the library). I often end up enjoying that book, and I’m glad I read it even if it wasn’t on my TBR, but it does mean that my TBR shelf doesn’t think out as fast as I’d like to.
  • Mood reading can lead to a slump easily: I do switch around a lot, but if I get into the mood for a specific genre I pick up book after book after book in that genre, or I marathon an entire series. After that, I often get into a slump for that specific genre, or just a reading slump in general. I think mood reading can lead to a slump easily because it’s so easy to burn yourself out on a specific genre or just reading in general. You just feel meh about the genre and nothing excites you.

As we speak, I just finished the shades of magic series by V.E. Schwab and I think I’m kiiinda in a fantasy slump right now, time to pick up some contemporary..

Do you recognize these pros and cons?

Would you consider yourself a mood reader?


26 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Being a Mood Reader

  1. Definitely also a mood reader! I have a huge TBR pile because I buy things and then just don’t feel like reading them, so turn to something newer or different. And I feel like it does encourage me to read more widely!


  2. I am definitely a mood reader. I find that it can be very problematic with ARCs because I get excited about requesting them, but then I get them while I’m reading something else and they get put off and then I just never get to them – or I get to them really late, like after their release date. But I love your pro of never running out of things to read! I see articles about running out of books to read or people not having anything on their TBR and I wonder how that’s even possible.


    1. If you want to read a of of ARCs being a mood reader is absolutely the worst. I am EXACTLY the same way, I get excited about books as I request them but then I’m not in the mood for the genre when I get them.. it’s just. Why.


  3. Oh yes I definitely relate! I’m SUCH a mood reader, but I also get really stuck needing to read ARCs on time so. 😂 I’m like a mood-reader-want-to-be-but-sometimes-a-deadline-reader-instead.😂 But when people post photos of their set monthly-TBRs, haha, yep, do not relate. How can you decide so much so early?!? Decisions are HARD.


    1. YES!! THIS exactly! I wanna be a moodreader but when it’s inconvenient I wanna be a deadline reader, that sounds perfect. I will never relate to monthly TBR’s reader, I admire those who can though, they SEEM SO ORGANIZED.


  4. Ooookay so I hopped over here after seeing your Insta story. I’d never heard of mood reading but it already sounded familiar. Voila xD All of this describes me to a tee! I really hate that I’m like that??? Cause the slumps and inconsistencies and bombing ARC commitments are NOT FUN. I’ve just gotten comfy with DNFing so hopefully I’ll be able to buy my life back a little at a time xD Thanks so much for this post! Definitely some food for thought.


    1. The inconsistencies and ARC commitments are definitely A STRUGGLE. I’m happy you liked the post, thank you for stopping by!


  5. After reading this post I can say I’m more of a mood reader than someone that has a TBR list! I always have a stack of unread books to be read, but sometimes I don’t want to read them at the minute so get a new one, I also have periods where I really like a certain genre and will read a lot of the same genre in a row ^^



  6. I am not sure if I am a mood reader tbh, I think it changes, sometimes I know what I am in the mood to read and then sometimes I have no idea? haha but i agree my TBR will keep growing and growing x

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  7. I’m very much a mood reader. I can relate to this post so much… Especially the part about not being able to stick to TBR lists, falling into awful slumps and the ever-growing TBR piles. Great post! 😊


  8. I’m not really sure where I fall in this. I try to keep a TBR which isn’t monthly, it’s more like a set list of books I want to read that I update frequently. I just pick what I want to read from that list based on what I want to read at the moment. I do read outside of my TBR though. Like, my TBR is all SFF but sometimes I’m in the mood for mystery so I’d pick up a short story. I think mood reading outside of my TBR list helps me not be burned out of my favourite genre.


    1. That sounds like the perfect mix of being a mood reader and not being a mood reader. I also have a TBR that isn’t monthly (just the list and my actual physical shelf with unread books) but like you, I also read outside of it. Library books and new releases always call to me!

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  9. I’m a huge mood reader, as is my motger, though our particulars differ quite a bit. I flit between genres and styles each book, and can only read some in certain conditions (i.e. “this book will only be readable at night” or “this book is for breaks at work”). Meanwhile, my mother will stick to one style or genre for years, exhaust herself on it, and then jump to another genre without looking back.
    We do both read multiple books at once though, and sometimes have to start a book only to set it down because the mood is wrong.

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    1. That’s so interesting! I tend to be the other way around, I take one book with me everywhere and read it whenever I can. That’s really fun though, I might try out books for specific times of the day. One before bed, one for my commute, etc. Thanks for sharing!


  10. The last two cons hit me real hard lol. My TBR only ever seems to grow and I’m currently in a reading slump. I can’t even decide if I’m in the mood for fantasy or contemporary right now. Being an indecisive mood reader is even worse. what is my mood, halp sos


    1. I hope you get out of your slump soon, it really does suck. I feel like that when I’m in a slump too, I’m just like ”idk what I wanna read, nothing really appeals to me”, usually I just reread an old fave.

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  11. Great post! I am a huge mood reader too. I’ve been planning on writing a post just like this. 1 con I see happening to me is when I always start a new book whenever my current read becomes a bit boring. I end up with 2-3 books I read alternately that it’s not as enjoyable.


    1. Thank you so much! Ohhh I definitely do the reading multiple book thing too. I always think it’s a good idea until I’m juggling around multiple books and I get a little overwhelmed!

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