24 in 48 Readathon: How Did I Do?

24 in 48 readathon wrap up

On Friday, I blogged about the 24 in 48 readathon I was planning to participate in. Since the readathon is over, of course I’m here to update you on how the weekend went!

Saturday January 27th

The readathon started at midnight eastern time on Saturday the 27th, which was 6:00am for me. Of course, the crazy person I am, I set my alarm for 6am to actually start at the same time as everyone else, even though the readathon rules allowed you to participate in your own timezone.

I decided to download this app called Bookout. And oh my GOD, over the weekend I ended up loving this app and even purchased the pro version (which I never do, but since I loved it so much and it’s a lifetime purchase instead of a monthly subscription, I was down). The app allows you to set a manual timer every time you read, and based on the amount of pages you read in that time, it calculates how long it takes you to finish a book. There are also plenty of other really fun stats, and as someone who is obsessed with stats and keeping track of my progress, this is right up my alley.

Around 9:30am, I had read for almost 2.5 hours and I had about 4.5 hours to go of They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.


I was doing pretty well! After about 2.5 hours, my concentration is usually gone and I need to take a break, so that’s what I kept doing for most of the day. I finished They Both Die at the End in the afternoon, and gave it three stars (full review coming on the blog this week, stay tuned!)

The thing about readathons for me is that around the 7 hour mark, my brain feels overloaded and I cannot concentrate for longer periods anymore. My mind starts to wander after 20 minutes of reading and I don’t read nearly as fast as I usually do. I don’t really do audiobooks and I don’t like switching too much from one book to another (because I really like immersing myself in one world) so instead I just took frequent breaks. However, I did manage to read a total of 8 hours on Saturday! 

Sunday January 28th

On Sunday, I woke up around 8:30am and decided to continue with Sophie’s World, which I had been reading for about a week at that point, and I was about halfway through. I had also read some pages of this book the night prior, because I didn’t feel focused enough to start a completely new book.

sophie's world, bookout app, 24 in 48 readathon

Sophie’s World is a young adult novel and a non-fiction book about the history of philosophy, all in one. I have read this book before about 8 years ago, and at the time a lot of the information went way over my head. So this time, I wanted to make sure I understood everything and savour the information. However, when I got to the halfway point on Sunday the plot started to really pick up, and I blew through the rest of the book on Sunday!

I ended up reading for a total of 6 hours on Sunday, and finished this book about 00:30am in my local timezone. I was falling asleep as I finished this, but I loved this so much. Sophie’s World was one of my favorite novels when I first read it and it still holds up. I’m so glad I decided to reread this!

My overall stats

So, I ‘only’ read for 14 hours, finished two books and 610 total pages. I didn’t make it to the full 24 hours by a long shot, but I still feel very accomplished. My main goal was to prioritize reading this weekend and to read as much as I could, and I did that. Success! It was so much fun to chat with other people who were participating in this readathon on Twitter and Instagram, and I already can’t wait for the next one in July. See you then!



6 thoughts on “24 in 48 Readathon: How Did I Do?

  1. That’s a really cool sounding app. I also can’t read after a certain point, so I get what you said about the seven hour mark (seven hour- wow that’s phenomenal!) I think it’s amazing that you read for 14 hours in two days!!


  2. We reached similar times! I feel exactly the same about making progress and reading as much being my goals, rather than how much time I spent reading.


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