Why I Stopped Wearing Bras And How You Can Too

I vividly remember the first time I truly considered going braless. I had been talking to a friend who has much bigger boobs than me – she’s a D cup – and she goes braless all the time.

”It’s fine, a bit uncomfortable at first, but I wouldn’t have it any other way now.”

What intrigued me, was that I never even noticed she didn’t wear bras. She’s one of those people who always dresses well, has a distinctive style and perfect make-up. At that point, in my mind going braless was still something only sloppy people did. Something I’ve changed my opinion on since.

And the funny part was, I have much smaller boobs than her. I sport a small B cup, to be exact. I’ve grown to love my small boobs, and came to the realization that I only wore bras because it was normal to do so. With my size, I don’t need the support of a bra and I personally don’t care a whole lot about a nipple poking through every once in a while. Not to mention that there is some scientific evidence that wearing a bra can actually be bad for you.

So, I decided to stop wearing bras. In the beginning, it felt like everyone was staring at me. Even though they weren’t, well, except for a few people.

An older lady at a restaurant.

A guy when I was waiting in line at a bank.

A friend saying my girls looked so perky.

But I liked it. And I continue to go braless about 90% of the time. If you want to go braless but you’re worried about nips, your self-esteem or you just feel a bit uncomfortable, I have a few tried-and-true tips for you!

How To Start Going Braless: 4 Tips

Wear thick fabrics or layers: I like wearing layers in the spring when it’s not super hot outside. I pair a tight, thinner shirt with a jacket or cardigan that falls over my boobs so my nips don’t show. If you just want to wear a shirt or top on its own, try to look for fabric that closely resembles the fabric of a sweater, as it’s usually a lot thicker.

Bralettes. Bralettes are kind of like a bra and a top at the same time. Some of these you can wear on their own or paired with a top, they are way more comfortable and less restricting than regular bras and they also look really cute!


Wear something in a darker color. Darker colors can also help you try to hide your nipples, sometimes lighter fabrics can be a bit more sheer and they will show like a little darker spot where your nipple is. Not so cute.

Boob tape or nipple covers. These work really well when you want to go braless but don’t want your nipples poking through your shirt. You can also use heavy duty silk cloth tape, which is like a medical tape that’s sometimes used for bandages, I know in the US you can find it at Walgreens and CVS. This heavy duty cloth tape usually lasts longer than regular nipple covers, at least in my opinion. 

Everyone has nipples, and if someone thinks yours are offensive then, well, screw them. Try to remember that the only person that is affected by this is the person that is offended. Not you. I go out sometimes wearing thin-fabric top and it’s reaaaally clear I don’t wear a bra. Sometimes I get stared at, by both men and women, but most of the time no one really notices. And I get to be comfortable!

how to stop wearing bras.png




6 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Wearing Bras And How You Can Too

  1. I don’t wear a bra and haven’t for a couple of years.. I’m a DD cup so not small and over 60. I have firm perky breasts and the free feeling is wonderful… Never been embarrassed but tend to wear a cami under shirts and tops for work..
    It’s not disgusting just natural

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  2. Love this article!! I’ve heard that wearing bra’s can be bad, I’ve also heard not wearing them can be bad as well…but, to be honest, there’s always a battle over that stuff!! I’m definitely going to try this. I’ll just wear a tank top under whatever top I’ll be wearing as an added layer without it making it too thick during summer. Thank you for the great post!!


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