5 Productivity Hacks That Actually Work

I’m the kind of person that goes on websites like Lifehacker and constantly tries out those so-called life-hacks. I’m absolutely obsessed with living a life that’s not only productive, but also as easy as possible (who isn’t, ha). But we all know some of those articles are filled with fluff and tips we already know. In this video, I’m discussing 5 tips or ‘hacks’ that have actually worked for me and I still use on a regular basis.

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A short rundown:

The Pomodoro technique: This is a technique that helps me to take breaks and stay productive throughout the entire day. It’s really simple: you work in 20-minute time spans, and after working focused for 20 minutes you’re allowed to take a five minute break. Every four sessions, you take a twenty minute break. This helps me to stay focused all day and not feel lethargic by the time 2 o’clock hits.

Google Inbox: In my opinion, Google Inbox is much better than the regular Gmail. It’s focused on keeping your inbox completely empty, something that the organiser in me absolutely loves! Google Inbox also allows me to sort my emails in folders and bundles, which keeps everything looking neat. 

IFTTT: I can’t even really explain what IFTTT is, other than it’s amazing. The website offers multiple services and applets that will bring the technology you work with on a daily basis closer together. In the video I mostly talk about the fake-call option, which is one of my favorites.

Two-minute rule: A very simple life philosophy, but one that works amazing for me. The two-minute rule helps me to crush my procrastination habits. Basically, all you do is set a rule for yourself where you have to do something right now if it takes less than two minutes. You’ll be surprised how many things actually take less than two minutes.

Turn off notifications on your phone: The ‘do not disturb’ mode on my iPhone gets A LOT of use! I use the feature during what I call my ‘working hours’ and it helps me a lot to stay focused. I know that as soon as I pick up my phone, it’s incredibly hard for me to put it down.

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