Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m introducing a new weekly segment on my blog: FRIDAY FAVORITES! I spend a lot of time consuming all types of content, and I want to share some of those hidden gems with you on a weekly basis!

Favorite Song

Ed Sheeran dominated my Spotify playlists this week. Eraser is by far my favorite song from his new album, and I can’t stop listening to it. –  ”I find comfort in my pain.”

Favorite Read

Lulu Wang – The Lily Theatre

lulu wang_the lilie theatre

The Lily Theatre by Lulu Wang shows you a part of China you probably didn’t know about. In the book, Wang describes what it’s like to grow up in the country during a cultural revolution through the eyes of a young girl. This book was originally published in Dutch, which is my mother language (Dutch version of the book is pictured here). I normally like to read books in their original language (I can read Dutch, English and French and German on a good day) and I haven’t read many Dutch novels in my life. This one has been on my bookshelf for ages, and I’m loving it so far!

I’m slowly decluttering my bookshelves, but I want to read the books I haven’t read yet before I can declutter them.

Favorite Food


The classic French croissant is one of my favorite types of bread ever. Obviously, they’re the best if you get them from France, but I think my local supermarket does a pretty stellar job at making their own. I love rediscovering old favorites!

Favorite Find

I have a fascination for unresolved mysteries and disappearances. Some people vanish without leaving a trace, and some people are found without any type of identification. Cayleigh Elise is a YouTuber who does an amazing job at documenting these cases. She handles the cases with respect and does the proper research. I’m not a fan of people who sensationalize stories like these, which is another reason I love her.

Favorite Quote

friday favorites quote dalindcy.png

This one speaks for itself! 😉

Did you discover any hidden gems this week?


What's on your mind? :)

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