When Does Minimalism Become Unhealthy?

I watched a video from Sarah Nourse a few weeks ago called ”Why I Stopped Making Minimalism Videos” and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I just really felt I recognized where she was coming from, and the entire video I couldn’t stop nodding my head.

Minimalism is supposed to be fun and enrich your life. It shouldn’t be a competition where you need to own less than x to belong to the club. Everybody is different, and therefore the perception of minimalism is going to be different.

I want the minimalism community to be inclusive and welcoming of new members – we all love being part of this community & this tool/lifestyle, and we should be happy to introduce other people to it! I don’t want to quit being a minimalist or not feel welcome in this community because I’m not minimal enough, nor do I want anyone else to feel this way!

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unhealthy minimalism


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