Today I Celebrate The Women Who Inspire Me

On March 8th, 1908, a total of 15,000 women marched through the streets of New York standing up for their rights. We’ve come a long way since then, but there’s also still a long way to go.

International womens day

On March 8th, we celebrate women. Women that inspire us to be better and dream big. The women who remind us of the fact that we can do anything as long as we set our minds to it. The women who raised us to be strong and independent. To learn how to take care of ourselves and not take shit of anyone.

On March 8th, I celebrate the women who taught me that I was enough. I celebrate the women who break glass ceilings and paved the way so I can follow my dreams.  I celebrate the women who want me to succeed and support me no matter what. I celebrate my mom, my sisters and the women who inspired me in my childhood.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing what you do. You inspire me to inspire the next generation.

Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.


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