The Truth About Period Tracking Apps

Period tracker apps have been rising in popularity over the last year or so. When you look them up in your app store, you’ll find hundreds of them. Many of them have different goals: they either want to track your cycle, help get you pregnant or help you not get pregnant.

In this very first video in my new series called FEMTALK I’m talking all about period tracker apps, how I use them and their pros and cons.

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One thought on “The Truth About Period Tracking Apps

  1. OK. So I’m a man and I’ll admit I didn’t watch the video, but help me out here. In my experience living with women, periods generally come in a few different varieties. First, there are those women who are as regular as a Swiss watch. Second, there are those women who are all over the place. So, for women who are like a Swiss watch — what do they need an app for? And for women who are all over the place — how is the app going to help them?

    Sorry for my ignorance. And just so you know this is not meant as a dig at women, instead it’s a dig at our app-world gone crazy. I think I’m going to create an app that will tell me when I should cut my fingernails.


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