How To Declutter Your Mind & Feel Less Overwhelmed

Do you ever come home after a longgggg day at school or work and all you want to do is shut the world off? But instead, your thoughts are all over the place and you can’t seem to quiet them down. Instead of resting, you’re feeling anxious about the next day and the responsibilities that come with it.

Same, so I’ve gathered four easy ways one can declutter their mind, often in less than 10 minutes! It’s crucial to actively try to rest your mind, if you don’t, you can actually give yourself a burnout. And that would be inconvenient to say the least, am I right?

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I think a lot of people focus on decluttering the physical stuff around them, and while that’s awesome, our mental clutter is sometimes forgotten. And that’s important to declutter too! We can’t start feeling less overwhelmed and ‘decluttered’ if we still need to declutter our mind.



What's on your mind? :)

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