Building Momentum: Achieving Your Goals In 2017

The new year is almost here, and I can barely believe it!

It’s actually crazy how fast the year has gone by. I now understand what people mean when they say time flies by faster and faster the older you get. I’m feeling that too.

So, it’s (almost) time to throw 2016 out of the window (we’re currently in that part between Christmas and New Years that makes me feel lost).

But the days between Christmas and New Years are perfect for preparing for the things you want to achieve in 2017!

How to achieve all your goals in 2017 one simple tip

Why do we wait to work on goals until the new year?

People like procrastinating. I’m no better. Waiting until the new year to do the things you ‘should’ be doing is a good way to be indecisive and to procrastinate.

We also like to wait until the perfect conditions to do those things. Because it makes us think that we are less likely to fail. Or because we just like the feeling of starting fresh.

There is nothing wrong with that. I like the fresh start of a new year as much as the next person. But I must say, I am a fan of preparing to work on the goals in the days prior to the new year. If you want to start eating healthy, in the days prior to new years try to put some extra vegetables on your plate. If you want to work out more often, maybe go for a run on January 30th. This makes the transition after new years a lot easier. 

How am I preparing for the new year?

I made a video about how I set & achieve goals. The most important goal I want to work on next year is to create more awesome things, instead of consuming awesome (or not so awesome) things. If I don’t watch myself, I binge on Netflix and scroll through Reddit all day without being productive. The funniest part is that at the end of the day, I realize I didn’t even enjoy what I did. I don’t feel productive. I have nothing to be proud of that day. I didn’t get closer to my goals.

So I’m already trying to do that now, before the new year starts. I’m planning time to work on my new YouTube channel that I’m super excited about, I have some blog posts lining up ready to be published and I want to up the amount I post in 2017.

Overcoming your past failures

I used to be scared to fail all the time. But then I realized that failure isn’t the problem, giving up is.

It can be painful to set new goals, especially if you’ve failed the same goals in the past. Building some momentum now before the new year can be exactly what you need to achieve the goal next year – because the transition is that much easier.

Just work on one thing

New years resolutions often overwhelm us. We want to do everything at once. Be that perfect version of ourselves that we always picture in our heads, but never seem to be able to become.

In these next couple of days until new years, just pick one thing to work on. The thing that is most important to you, and will change you the most.

What is your one thing?

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2 thoughts on “Building Momentum: Achieving Your Goals In 2017

  1. Hi Dalindcy. So nice to meet you. Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Have to admit I am way passed twenty. Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things Paranormal! Use to be in a Ghost Hunting group. UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Always think there is a lot of truth in these. Observing this crazy unstable and violent society! Peace and Best Wishes. #TheFoureyedPoet.

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