Congrats, You Made It To December

Congrats. You made it. You’re still here.

2016 hasn’t been easy. Celebrities passed away one after another. The outcome of the American election shocked and disappointed many. The refugee crisis and fear of terrorism rose higher than ever. Even Kanye West fans are having a hard time.

But you didn’t give up. You didn’t turn away. You might have been sad, and looking back, your failures might stand out more to you than your successes. That’s normal, I feel the same.

Allow yourself to be proud. It hasn’t been  easy for many of us, including you. That’s totally fine to acknowledge.

Now the year is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to start bracing yourself for 2017 and beyond. It might be even harder than 2016 has been, and that’s totally fine. I’m certain that you can deal with it. Just keep truckin’!


One thought on “Congrats, You Made It To December

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