Spend Less Time On Your Phone And Be Happier

Generation Y likes to spend time on their phone, but a recent study found that the more time people spend on Facebook, the unhappier they are.

I felt a certain distress during and after the American election, and found myself checking my phone more often than ever. Scared to miss something, ready to tweet news articles and snapchat my friends about unimportant things. At first I didn’t know where this distress came from, but I quickly realized that it was social media.

Young adults spend (on average) more time on their phone than with their partner, and I was rapidly becoming one of them. I knew I had to slow down and put my phone away in order to enjoy my surroundings again. Here’s what I did:

I turned off notifications

No Twitter, Facebook, WordPress or Instagram. I didn’t only turn off the lock screen notification, but also the so-called ‘badge’, which is that annoying red dot on the corner of the app icon. Not having something or someone constantly asking for my attention helped me become less stressed.

I found out how much I was using my phone

There are various apps, such as QualityTime for Android and Moment for iOS, that monitor your phone usage. I used Moment, and got a good reality check when it showed me how much time I spent on my phone and how many times I had picked it up in just one day. What I loved about this app in particular is that it constantly reminded me how much I was using my phone and helped me to make a conscious effort to use it less. 

I scheduled a digital detox

This is something my partner and I like to do together, usually on Sundays. This phenomenon has become so popular, that it’s even possible to go on digital detox retreats. What we like to do is leave our phones at home and go for a walk, grab some lunch or watch a movie. The key here is to just be in the moment, and not worry about liked, shares and messages.

I stopped checking my phone first-thing in the morning

Many people will advise against using your phone as an alarm clock, but I’m a little stubborn and still sleep with my phone next to my pillow. I did stop checking my phone first-thing in the morning though. I now keep it on airplane mode and allow myself to wake up, make some coffee and take a shower before I check my messages. Reading bad news or tweets from people that are in a negative mood sometimes makes me feel negative as well. By enjoying some time by myself in the morning, I have become a lot happier!

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4 thoughts on “Spend Less Time On Your Phone And Be Happier

  1. I turned in my smart phone for a desirable dumb-ass phone about a year ago. I don’t use a laptop, and I don’t have a tablet. Phone use is about 5 minutes a month and that combines both my home phone linked to cable and my wireless dumb phone. I have several TVs but none of them are hooked up to broadcast TV, a wireless network, or a cable.

    I watch only DVDs, no streaming, and only after 8 pm when I’m too tired to do anything else but not tired enough to go to bed. I’m usually up between 6 – 7 am, and by 8 pm my brain has turned to mush and doesn’t want to focus so that’s when the TV comes on and I watch from a DVD. Life is so much better without all those irritating, interrupting advertisements and propoganda selling crap and lies to gullible consumers and haters.

    These days I’m watching the complete 2nd season of the more modern version of “Poldark”. Before that I watched the complete season 2 of “Outlander”, but always after 8 pm.

    I avoid (scripted) reality TV like it is the Ebola virus, and I’ve never seen an episode of the Apprentice with Little Fingers Donald tRump.

    I stopped reading e-books several years ago and returned to reading tree books. Tree books don’t run out of power or have to be recharged or have the software updated repeatedly. There is no battery for a tree book. There is no software for a tree books.

    I do have a powerful, lightning-fast desk top with multiple screens that has never (knock-on-wood) clocked out on me. I avoid the conservative hate media machine that spreads lies and misinformation far-and-wide, the media machine of deceit and deception that helped elect Little Fingers to the White House, and often fact-check news on hot button issues when I do read or watch news on my desktop.

    For instance, when Little Fingers alleged that Hilary Clinton had never accomplished anything, I quickly turned to Vote Smart dot Org and checked her voting record as a Senator from New York State proving, at least to me, that it was just another one of Little Finger’s repeated serial “drain the swamp” lies that his Deplorable followers love to swallow in humongous gulps.

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  2. I don’t have a problem with my phone yet and I know that it has an off button and use it every day. 😉 My biggest problem is with surfing the internet when I sit down with my laptop. I want to write, work on my fiction, do something productive, but an hour or two later after checking WordPress, Facebook, the political blogs I read, and a few other things, and then doing it all over again … oops, there went my time when I could have written or done something productive.

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