A Few Things To Remember For When You Feel Stuck

Happy Saturday! Are you happy that the weekend is finally here? Did the week feel like it was never going to end?

Sounds familiar. I’ve had plenty of those weeks myself where I felt uninspired, didn’t know what to do and just felt stuck. It sucks.

The good news is, you have the power to move forward and leave this feeling behind you – but it’s easier said than done. These things can help you to realize that being stuck isn’t the end, and you will get out of it sooner than you think.

When you feel stuck, remember this..

It might be time to make a change
Feeling stuck is often a sign that it’s time to make a change. A change in perspective, a change of heart or a physical change – like moving to a new place. Are you happy with where you are in life? More often than not the answer will be a firm ‘no’. If you aren’t happy, are you at least moving forward to a happier life? 

Every step is progress
Do you feel like whatever you do, it’s not making a difference? Try to focus on small steps, and remember that even if it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress, you still are. Make a list of tiny things you can do to get closer to your goals, and try to do at least one of those things every day. Baby steps.

It comes from within
It’s important to recognize that feeling stuck is just that, a feeling. It’s not a fact. Often, our first instinct is to look at other people and blame them for our actions and feelings. You are responsible for your own life and happiness. You can’t always change what’s happening around you, but you can change how you deal with it.

Be in the present
Accept wherever you are, even if it’s not where you want to be. If you look closely at all the problems in your life, you will notice that most of them only exist in your head. There are obviously outside factors, like a busy job, relationship problems or other difficulties, but that shouldn’t stop you from being in the present. If you have trouble focusing on the here and now, try some yoga or meditation. It can give you that little extra push that you need.

Be grateful
I don’t want to sound like your mom, but I’m pretty sure that you have plenty to be grateful for. A job, a house, the laptop or phone you’re reading this on, etcetera. Write down at least three things you’re grateful for every day. It’s one of the easiest ways to focus on the positive side of life and become happier!


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