21 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

In the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice.

You are carrying around a library of knowledge in your purse or back pocket, and it’s time to make use of it. I’m a big fan of online learning, and try to spend at least 30 minutes a day learning something new. It might not sound like much, but hey, small changes make big differences.

I recently read this ebook about the digital shift of education, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring the implementation challenges that we are facing with these digital shifts.

With this in mind, I have compiled a list of all the websites I could think of that will make you smarter.

  1. Brain Pickings
    I love a good well-researched article, and Brain Pickings is exactly that. I also love that it is so diverse: I’ve learned things about art, philosophy, science and design on that website.
  2. University of the People
    To be admitted to UoPeople, you have to be good, but it is not impossible. It’s the first American non-profit university that offers tuition-free degree programs and online learning. Their degree programs focus on business administration, computer science and health science.
  3. Duolingo
    Learning a new language is an incredibly valuable asset to have. Duolingo is a free version of rosetta-stone, and delivers the same results: teaching you another language in a fun way. You can learn any language you want in a matter of months, depending how much time you spend on it.
  4. Justin Guitar
    This is the best free online resource I have found for guitar lessons. Justin has helped me more than anyone else in my journey to learn how to play guitar. His lessons are short, fun and easy to understand. I especially love his course for beginners, where he walks you through all the basics of guitar playing.
  5. Investopedia
    I learned so much from Investopedia in terms of business and finance. What I love about this informative blog is that the information is not only easy to digest, they also provide you with tons of free videos and tutorials.
  6. Information is Beautiful
    Personally, I’m a reader, but I know many people who like to see data made visual. It helps you to understand the bigger picture. Information is Beautiful does exactly that. They have charts and graphs about nearly everything. screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-14-22-20
  7.  Coursera
    You have probably heard of Coursera before. They provide free online courses from reputable universities from all around the world. Their so-called Statement of Accomplishment used to be free, and you would get it every time you finished a course. I’m a little sad that they got rid of that, but the course material is still free and accessible for everyone and that’s what counts.
  8. High Brow
    Don’t have time to spend hours on a course? High Brow sends you a free 5-minute course to your inbox every day. I like to watch these on my commutes or just when I’m bored. I feel like I’m taking a break while learning something new at the same time.
  9. UnPlugTheTV
    This website will give you a random video to watch, that will benefit you in some way. The content will not be the same as a good quality course, but it will be better than watching that one episode from  Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the fifth time.
  10. Codeacademy
    Learning how to code is and will always be an incredibly valuable skill to have. The internet has pretty much taken over the world, which means that this skill is in higher demand that it has ever been before. Codeacademy offers free tutorials that teach you the basics of coding in an interactive way.
  11. Anki
    Flashcards help you learn how to remember things better. The key to memorizing information is mastering the skill of recall, and flashcards help you practice that skill. I love how with Anki, you can use video, audio and images to help you learn how to remember things.
  12. Instructables
    Do you love that Discovery Channel show ‘How It’s Made’? I do too. Instructables reminds me of that. The website teaches you almost anything through video tutorials and easy instructions. You can also submit your own creations and share what you’ve made with the rest of the world.
  13. Spreeder
    Did you know that people tend to read 25% slower on a screen compared to text on paper? Spreeder helped me  improve my reading speed and comprehension. You can copy paste the text you want to read, and they do the rest.
  14. VSauce
    I love it when people use platforms like YouTube to share knowledge. VSauce provides mind-blowing facts, that amaze me every time (and make me go down some rabbit hole on the internet..) I doesn’t matter what question you have, VSauce knows the answer.
  15. CrashCourse
    Another great YouTube channel! What I love about CrashCourse is that it provides you with incredible amounts of information in a short period of time. The videos are usually only around 10 minutes and cover a wide range of topics. I also just love Hank and John Green.
  16. Khan Academy
    I love the tagline of Khan Academy: you only have to know one thing: you can learn anything. Khan Academy offers free online classes on all kinds of subjects. Whether you want to get better at math, history, economics or computer programming. There will be a course for you.
    online learning smarter website khan academy
  17. TED-ed
    This new initiative launched by TED is meant to spark curiosity of learners around the world. They created an online library of really cool-looking animated lessons. It’s also possible to create your own customized lesson to distribute around the world by adding discussion topics, questions and other material.
  18. College Info Geek
    I wish I discovered this website sooner, because I would’ve used so many of these tips if I had known about them when I was still in college. Thomas Frank helps you to study more efficiently, be more confident or land your dream job. He’s also an amazing podcaster.
  19. HowStuffWorks
    The website that has information about things you never even knew you wanted to know. HowStuffWorks is an amazing resource about almost anything. The information is easily digestible and the articles are often written in a funny tone. I also love Stuff You Missed In History Class and Stuff Mom Never Told You.
  20. The World Factbook (by the CIA)
    You can say a lot about the CIA, but I think it’s pretty cool that they made lots of the information they discovered public. This endless amount of information comes in handy when you need to cite reputable sources in any type of work. The little world map on the website makes it easy to find information by country.
  21. Lumosity
    If you like games, you’re going to love this. Lumositiy is a website full of games to train your brain. You can build your own Personalized Training Program to improve your memory and attention and track your progress.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in soms cases I will receive a referral commission. Thank you for your support!


12 thoughts on “21 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

  1. A great read..I liked it from the starting line itself…”in the age of internet, ignorance is a choice” and I am going to bookmark this page..thanks for sharing such a wonderful and information filled post..

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  2. Looking forward to checking out several of these. There are less than three TV shows I watch on anything other than PBS. Really slim pickins. I guess the majority of TV shows should have been a good indicator of how this election would go!

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