Why A Blank Notebook Will Make You Happier

Notebooks were invented over 2,000 years ago, and have not left us since. Even in this age of touchscreens, styluses and tablets, many people still choose a simple notebook. I’m one of those people.

I used to like ruled notebooks more than blank ones, but I’ve changed my mind. Here’s why.

Writing between the lines
One thing I love about blank notebooks is that it allows me to make small lists in the corner, write quotes upside down or circle something so I don’t forget it later. When I was using a ruled notebook, I never felt that freedom. If I would write anywhere else but on the lines, the entire page would look messy and all over the place.

Creative thinking
I like to brainstorm. I take twenty minutes out of day and spend it coming up with blog posts and other article ideas. When I brainstorm, I like to draw mind maps, icons and diagrams. I have the feeling I can do that more freely on blank paper. It makes me feel more creative.

Fun to look back
I’m the kind of person that keeps all her old notebooks in a box. For some reason, I love reading my blank notebooks more. The notes seem to be more fun, creative and have a more personal touch.

I definitely recommend trying out a notebook without lines. The great thing about notebooks is that they come in all sizes, shapes and at all prices. After being a Moleskine girl for a long time, I went back to cheap notebooks again. It’s somehow easier to write messy or draw in a cheap notebook, because the feeling is perfectionism isn’t there!

Image: Sebastian Mantel

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6 thoughts on “Why A Blank Notebook Will Make You Happier

  1. Research actually shows that students taking written notes tend to do better than those who type their notes (typing tends to encourage mindless transcription, whereas writing encourages summarization, which requires active thinking). So there’s another reason for praising the rather mundane notebook!

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