And Autumn Killed The Summer With The Softest Kiss

The sun comes up late these days.

It’s 8:30am, and the first rays of sunshine finally appear behind the brick wall homes. I can see it through my blinds – I got these blinds on purpose, because I like waking up with the sun. 

It’s only 10 minutes later when I step outside. The air is cool, the birds are quiet. Most of them already left, looking for warmer places. My jacket is cold, a little too cold. But I like it that way.

The woods are only a five minute walk from my home, and there is no one there. It’s too cold, too early. People are working and driving their kids to school. I see one person with a dog. Probably retired.

He says hi, and I say good morning. And we smile. Then we pass each other and go on with our lives. Happy that in this day and age, at least people still acknowledge each other and smile at strangers. I make a mental note to smile at strangers more.

I pick out a podcast and put in my one of my Earpods. I’m warm now, because I walked so much. The ground under my feet is muddy and soft. It probably rained last night. It smells that way.

After I come back home, I feel light inside. Ready to conquer whatever is coming.

Image: Autumn Mott

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