The Art of Quitting

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I recently quit something. It was pretty hard.

People quit stuff all the time. School, work, relationships. They end, we give up or find something better. But it’s hard for those who like approval – especially from others.

I realized that I wanted to quit something, but at the same time also didn’t want to quit because it made me feel like I was failing. And letting people down. And making the wrong decisions.

I have a degree, but ambitious as I am, wanted to get another degree. Because why not? It would look good on my resume, improve job opportunities and ‘only’ take two years. So I decided to go for it. But here I am two months later, absolutely not feeling it. I realized I do not like to study communications, even though it’s fascinating. I do not like the school I chose or the type of lessons they proe. I work as a freelancer and love doing that – and I’m getting a lot more, good work recently. So I decided to completely focus on that instead.

Now, I’m in a position where most people around me support this decision, including my family and my partner, but not everyone is that lucky. And sometimes I don’t even know if I support myself.  

Quitting is an art. Letting yourself do it hurts sometimes. But I realized, that letting yourself choose what is best for you is an act of self love. I’m choosing something that will make me happier, and hopefully more motivated in other parts of my life. That’s something I can be proud of.

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6 thoughts on “The Art of Quitting

  1. I’ve had to learn this, too. And I’m a freelancer like you, so I’ve experienced the ups and downs of the field. One day you have no work and the next you’re overwhelmed. It’s hard to take on something else! If another degree won’t help, it’s a lot of work for nothing unless you just really want to do it for YOU. I couldn’t do it! I don’t mind learning, but the whole pressure of tests and studying just isn’t me.


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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Stephanie! I’m the same way as you, the pressure of tests and studying isn’t for me either, especially next to the pressure that freelancing causes sometimes. I’m happy with my decision in the end. You’re right, you should do it for you and no one else. 🙂


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