What Does it Mean to Work Hard?


Its pretty much impossible to open websites like Pinterest without seeing quotes like the one at the top of this post. Work hard, dream big or Hard work Pays off are the ones I most commonly see. We hear it all the time, people that work hard will get what they want. They overcome challenges and make their dreams come true. But what does ‘working hard’ even mean? Isn’t it different for everyone?

Times have changed, and working hard doesn’t mean what it used to. Back in the day (and for some people this is still reality, I know) you were working when you put 40 hours a week in on an assembly line. If you worked overtime and made it to 60 hours, you were working hard. If you worked 70 to 80 hours, you were killing yourself. But hey, at least you could brag about it to your co-workers.

Nowadays working hard is not only a physical effort, it’s also a mental one. Those who work an office job or make their hours working in a store can work hard as well, in their own way. I think working hard is different for everyone, in every field. It also depends on your standards. Maybe you have finally overcome depression and are now working three days a week, slowly upping the hours. If this is your reality, you are working hard. But for someone who is used to working on an assembly line at least 45 hours a week, this would feel like vacation.


For me personally, working hard means exceeding expectations. I try to go the extra mile, do the extra assignment, make it perfect. Working hard means consistently delivering quality, whatever that means for you personally. It means doing things that you don’t like doing, because you know they will bring you further in life.

You cannot pretend to work hard. It’s something that can’t be faked. And although some people really get their biggest dreams thrown in their laps, I like to thank that the majority of people work hard for what they have, and it hasn’t been easily given to them. It has more value like that anyways.

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