If we Were Having Coffee.. #2

Image: Jonathan Pielmayer / Unsplash.com

Would we talk or be quiet? Would you tell me about your life? About the things you’ve done. The people you’ve met. The friends you’ve lost. Would you say that it has been so long?

Would you ask about my life? Would you say you always thought I would get into writing? That when I was a kid, I wrote story after story. That you always got me two notebooks for my birthday, because one wasn’t gonna last me the whole year. Would you be proud of what I do? 

Would you tell me you still use the lighter that I gave you ten years ago? And would we laugh, because I was a child, and had to beg the girl at the checkout to let me buy it, because it was a present.

Would it be awkward, or not at all? Would other people know that we hadn’t seen each other for ages. Could they tell? Would this be a breakthrough? The start of something that I had always wanted, but never dared to hope for?

If we were having coffee, would you answer some of my questions? And would you ask me some as well? Would we get another cup because there is so much more to talk about?

If we were having coffee, would you want to get to know me?


7 thoughts on “If we Were Having Coffee.. #2

  1. I think if we were having coffee we would be drinking from huge mugs so that the refilling of the cup would take longer to happen without costant interruptions.

    . Many times friends can be apart for years, decades even, but when they meet it is as if only seconds have happened. They easily fill in the gaps of silence the years have created.

    When two people meet for the first time and interest is generated it is not the size of the cup but the flavor and tone of the conversation that matters. What’s brewing in the pot is not as enticing as the sharing of time together.

    The interchange of ideas, information and personalities would make the meeting highly anticipated and welcomed. 🙂

    One word sums it all up: Cheers!!


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