7 Inspiring Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 15.08.55Photo: Bryan Adam Castillo // Instagram

Instagram was once known as a typical white girl social media app, with plenty of pictures of Starbucks cups and selfies. But nowadays, it’s also a pace where creative people can share their work. Instagram is filled with talented photographers and I really enjoy looking at all their amazing pictures. Who doesn’t want to get inspired while scrolling through their Instagram feed on a boring train ride? Here are five of my all-time favourites:

  1. Edwintorresphoto. Edwin J. Torres is a documentary photographer located in the Bronx. I’m absolutely in love with the style of his pictures. They are all in black and white and most of them just look like snapshots of actual real-life situations. A lot of his pictures are spontaneous and show a lot of emotion, and that’s what I love about them.
  2. Bryanadamc. Bryan Castillo and his wife Ali are a good team. Him behind the camera, her in front of it. Castillo knows how to play with small amount of light and use it efficiently. When I scroll though my feed and see one of his pictures I definitely stop for a moment to really look at the way it’s made.
  3. Macenzo. Dirk Bakker is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. If you love architecture, this is your guy. I never liked modern architecture until I started following him, he almost forces you to look at it in a different way.
  4. Joshualott. I started following Joshua back when he was still living in Detroit, but he has since moved to Chicago. His photography has only gotten better since then and I feel like he truly captures the city from within. His pictures do not sugarcoat anything.
  5. Hirozzz. Tokyo-based Hiroaki Fukuda does a bit of everything. A lot of nature, sometimes cities and the occasional portrait. He travels a lot and captures beautifully everywhere he goes. Fukuda is in Scotland as I’m typing this, and he makes me really want to go there.
  6. Janske. Who loves a good landscape? Me! This Instagrammer knows how to truly capture a good one. Her pictures are very serene and have a certain peacefulness over them. I also love that she thanks every single person that comments on her posts.
  7. Reallykindofamazing. I don’t only love Garrett Cornelison’s photo’s, I also love his bio: We are important, our lives are important, and our details are worthy of being recorded. Life on Earth is really kindof amazing.

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