The Sounds Of The City

Nice Sunset

I turned off the airconditioning to really listen to the sounds of the city. In the far distance I hear a car honk, closer by there is laughter. People in my neighbourhood are barbecuing, because I can hear them stacking plates. Someone else comes home after a long day at work, their dog barks when they open the door.

After being in a quiet country area for over two months, I appreciate city sounds more than ever. There is always something happening around me. There are always people making memories. Experiencing new things.

Last week, I heard my neighbours fight again. And I saw how the girl who lives across the street brought home her first boyfriend. Her dog died a couple of months ago, and I haven’t seen her smile for a while now. I’m happy for her.

Someone else committed suicide. A German lady I didn’t know, even though I saw her walk her dog almost every single day. She always seemed happy. I guess you really don’t know people, even when you think you do.

Some of the stories are happy and make me smile, and some of them are sad. But I wouldn’t want to be without them for a million dollars.

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