How To Write More: Creating A Daily Writing Habit


It must be the most common advice I’ve ever heard in the writing world: ”If you want to get better at writing, write something every single day. It doesn’t matter what, just write.”

To an extend, this advice is true. It’s one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. And it doesn’t only help you with becoming a better writer, it also helps getting more creative: Creativity doesn’t run out, you can only get more of it.

There are several things I did (and still do!) to get into the habit of writing every single day. Here’s a little rundown:

  1. Blog every day. Or at least, blog more than you usually do. I used to blog ‘only’ two to four times a week, but the past month, I’ve been posting five to seven times a week. And guess what? I’m actually getting more inspired now and I have more interaction with my readers.
  2. Journaling. If you like having that three-posts-a-week schedule on your blog or you just want to write for yourself, journaling is a great idea. Get yourself a fancy notebook and pen (I know you want to) and make it a priority to write for at least 10 minutes before bed. Yes, that means setting a timer. If you want to try out digital journaling, something like 750words is amazing. I’ve been a member of 750words since 2013 and still use it on a regular basis. And you can collect badges, and who doesn’t want that?
  3. Set goals and track your progress. Maybe your goal is to write at least a 1000 words, or  write for 10 minutes straight without distractions. Get yourself a calendar and track every single day. If you want to make something a habit, tracking it and reflecting on your ‘failures’ is the way to do it. On days where you don’t write a word at all, what happened? Did you feel any different (less inspired?) after it?

“Habits are first cobwebs, then cables.”

Writing is hard. It is time-consuming and sometimes stressful. This exercise isn’t about writing perfect pieces of prose or entire novels. Just write whatever you want to, whenever you can. As you keep practicing the habit and regularly read your old stuff, you will see your mistakes (which will slightly embarrass you, but it’s okay)  and the way you’re progressing.  Good luck!

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