How To Start Off Your Week The Right Way

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Mondays have this negativity attached to them. It’s the start of a new week, and you have to do work or school all over again. To me, that fresh start means something positive. It’s like you have blank slate. A new start to make the week awesome and productive.

I used to hate Mondays too. But since I’ve been trying to become a more positive person and change some of my thought patterns this has totally changed. I actually am starting to like Mondays now! Here’s a little rundown of things I do on a regular basis to accomplish that: 

1. Make a weekplanning. Every Sunday I sit down with my planner and notebook and make separate to do lists for every day of the week. When do I have meetings or appointments? When am I blogging or working on other writing related work? When am I working out? Because I can see what days will be the busiest, it’s easy for me to plan my workouts, blogging moments and other things that I usually have trouble planning in. It’s also nice to know what exactly is coming up!

2. Do the most daunting task first. Have a long, crappy report or paper you have to write this week? Just do it and do it now. I promise, you’re going to feel so much better having that task out of the way right away instead of procrastinating on it.

3. Clean your apartment. Or at least your workspace. I can’t work comfortably if there are papers on my desk everywhere that I should have thrown away months ago. If I’m working from home, I get annoyed when there is laundry or dishes to be done, and I feel like I can’t fully concentrate. Starting off your week with a clean house or workspace can really help you to be productive.

4. Exercise. Seriously.  You know it’s good for you. You know you should do it. Just do it. Right away, on Monday. If you procrastinate on it, it can become a daunting task as described in point 2 of this post. And that’s what we don’t want. Also if I can get myself to exercise on Monday, it motivates me to keep it going throughout the week.

5. Be grateful for where you are and set a new goal. We all want to accomplish so much more in life. You might not be happy with where you are career-wise or in your personal life, but don’t let it hold you back. If anything, use it as a motivation to set a goal that can bring you closer to your bigger, ultimate goal. You will thank yourself later.

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