Wake up call

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”What lesson do you wish you had learned earlier in life?”

He could see the uncertainty on their faces. Maybe this hadn’t been a good question to ask to a group of high school seniors after all. Their teacher Melanie was one of his best friends, and she had asked if he wanted to tell his story to the teenagers.

”What do you mean, my story?” He hadn’t looked at her when he asked her that.

”You know, your past and all that. Try to teach them something about life before I send them off to college.”

He didn’t really want to do it. But he liked Melanie. Maybe more than he wanted to admit.

Now he was sitting in front of them, asking them questions they didn’t know the answer to.

The class stayed mostly quiet. A girl with big brown curls said she wished she had done better in school. Others mumbled in an agreeing manner.

He was about to tell them good luck in whatever this next chapter was going to bring them, until he heard Melanie’s voice from the back of the classroom. ”What about you? Do you have any lessons you wish you learned sooner?”

He smiled. Didn’t have to think about it for long. ”Oh, I have lots. But I think one really stands out for me. When I was in high school and college, I thought life would work out itself, but it doesn’t work like that. If you want a job, a house, a degree, a relationship, you have to work towards it. Nobody wakes up having it all together one day. That was my biggest wake up call.”

Photo taken by Jordan Whitt (via Unsplash.com)



7 thoughts on “Wake up call

  1. I love the way you pack it all up in so few lines. I write all those pages to say what I want to say like blurting, then have to go edit..edit…lol

    Even if one has that wake up call, or one knows their instinct, its the focus part that is very troubling…its so easy to lose track of it all once you begin on the journey towards where you want to be. And sometimes this loss of track isn’t voluntary.

    Anyways, good piece like always (Y)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 I try to keep my posts on the short side because in the fast world we live in, nobody has time to read 1000+ words these days.. Believe me, I edit a lot as well. The trick is to only tell what’s really important and leave out anything that you can do without. For example, in this post the main character tells ‘his story’ to the high schoolers, but we never really figure out what his story is. Was he a drug addict? In the military? Or something else? It’s for the reader to decide. 🙂

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  2. There are many things I wish I had learned a lot earlier. I would say that I wish I had learned not to be as naive and trusting earlier than I had, but that also means I wouldn’t have my oldest daughter (which is my world). Also I would say that I wish I had learned how important high school actually was and to stay in class.

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