What I’ve been loving on YouTube lately #1

As twenty year old, I can honestly say that I grew up with YouTube. I remember back in 2007 when the site was still quite new and I was trying to perfect Michelle Phan’s make-up tutorials in my bedroom.

Nowadays, YouTube is still one of my favorite websites. I often start the day with a cup of tea and a video, so why not share it with you guys? Here are some of the video’s and people I’ve been loving on YouTube lately.

Arden Rose

I’ve been following Arden for a long time, and every time I watch a video of hers I burst out laughing at least twice. Arden reminds me of myself, with her sense of humor and clothing style. She doesn’t upload that often nowadays, which is a shame, but when she does it’s always a good one.

Mental Floss

I love Mental Floss because it makes me feel like I’m learning something when I’m just wasting my time watching video’s when I should be working or studying. Also John Green. I love everything with John Green.

Unsolved: The Boy Who Dissapeared

I have a slightly weird fascination with (unsolved) mysteries. This is the story of sixteen year old Damian who went missing almost two decades ago and hasn’t been heard from since. I think BBC Three did such a good job on this story without making it overly sensational. VICE could learn a few things from them.

Ariel Bissett

Ariel has less than 100.000 subscribers, which is insane to me. This girl makes personal, genuine video’s and the talks about books. Two of my favorite things. I often have her videos playing in the background when I do something else and it’s almost like I’m chatting with a girlfriend.


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