A sunny day and a long run

IMG_8655 (1)

Do you know that feeling you get when you just wake up in a bad mood? Yeah, that feeling. I got it a couple of days ago when I didn’t have to get up a certain time, it’s summer break after all. I was just not feeling it.

It took all my willpower to drag myself out of bed. I couldn’t write, I didn’t have the patience to read, and I also didn’t feel like watching anything online. Nothing sparked my interest. I was feeling sluggish and uninterested.

I’ll just do a short 5k run. That’s what I told myself as I laced my running shoes and stepped outside. Just get moving. 

Okay, maybe 6k or 7k. But I kept going. And as I kept going I started feeling better and better. I listened to an interesting podcast (recommendations here) and enjoyed the sun on my face. It’s been so rainy and gloomy here recently that the sun was a welcome visitor.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy

And I ended up running my longest distance ever. I’ve only gotten back into running a couple of months ago and longer distances is still a bit daunting to me.

Twelve kilometers later I felt better than ever. I’m was (and am) grateful to be able to walk. To have a body fit enough to run and move. To have a beautiful quiet area close by where I can run as much as I want. I’m grateful for sunny days and beautiful sunsets. And so much more.


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