Five of my favorite podcasts


I’ve only just started dipping my toes in the world of podcasts, but I’m absolutely loving them so far!

I listen to them on public transit, during workouts, house cleaning and in the shower. Yeah, you can definitely say I’m addicted. There are many different podcasts out there and they can be rather overwhelming at first. So here are five of my (recent) favorites.

  1. The Sporkful. It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.  The Sporkful is a podcast that tries to get to know people through the food they eat. Dan Pashman explores the world of food beyond the food, and that’s what I love most about it. The only downside is that it makes me hungry every time I listen to it.
  2. Stuff Mom Never Told You. Sometimes you just need your feminist fix, you know? ‘Stuff Mom Never Told you’ gets down to the business of being women from every imaginable angle. I love that this podcast (just like every other podcast!) includes a lot of scientific research and has a rather objective approach. This is my favorite podcast to listen to on a long run.
  3. Dear Hank And John. Just had to include this. Everyone knows I’m a fan of the Brother’s Green, and this podcast feels like oldschool Vlogbrothers all over again. ‘Dear Hank And John’ is a very casual podcast in which Hank and John answer real questions from real nerdfighters and bring you the news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon. By the way, they also talk about death a lot. (Yeah, it’s just as random as it sounds and I love that about it.)
  4. No Such Thing As Fish. For the lovers of British accents and random facts. The researchers of QI talk about their most recent discoveries in this weekly podcast. I love how low-key and funny the hosts of this podcast are. One of my favorites to listen to when I’m cleaning or doing something else that needs a little more attention that just riding the train.
  5. Sword And Scale. I have to admit something: I have a weird, sort of morbid fascination with true crime stories. What I love about Sword And Scale is that they let the story tell itself through 911 calls, police interrogations and the sound tapes from trials. The stories can be horrible at times, but like I said, they’re also fascinating. I can’t listen to this when I walk by myself through the woods though, because it gives me the chills..

Do you listen to podcasts? I would love to hear your recommendations!


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