Writing about not being able to write

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The past couple of days my hands have been hovering above my keyboard. What to write. What to write. I actually wrote down a couple of words at times. Sentences even. But they never worked.

Have you ever had a writers block? It’s one of those things you will only understand if you’ve ever had one. It feels like there is a big giant wall between you and the words in your head. The worst writers blocks are the ones that come to you out of nowhere, and that’s exactly what I’m currently dealing with.

“writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all”
― Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems

Just last week I was writing every single day. On my blog, in my journal, and a couple of other projects I’ve been working on. But for the last couple of days, nothing. Nada. Njet. It’s not that I don’t have any ideas, because I have plenty. It’s more that I’m never happy with the execution of those ideas.

So what do I do about that?

Not much honestly. I try to surround myself with creativity. I try to read a lot. I try to go to places that usually spark my creativity (I’m writing this in a cafe that has the best latte’s in town) but above all, I try to stay in the moment and be okay with the fact that creativity comes in waves for me. Because for me, that’s just how the creative process works.

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3 thoughts on “Writing about not being able to write

  1. I experience such troubles lot of time when I try to write something, so many ideas and words mingle in my mind but I cannot give a start to my writing. Since I am a novice writer, I am always confused how to give words to my ideas and this thing always gets on my nerves.

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  2. Good for you – writing about not being able to write. Another thing to try is to write about what you want to write about. Tell yourself about your idea. Something like, “I’d really like to write about xxxx and I actually wrote xxxx but that seems too shallow. What could i do to make this more interesting? What about dialog? (try that for a bit) No, I think a comparison to xxx might work….”

    Do you see what I mean? It is the kind of writing that is before even the first draft. This might sound a little out there, but I actually write to my journal (who is named Dear One by the way) and tell her things i would like to write about and play around with different approaches before I start in even with a first draft. I am amazed that that environment with zero pressure produces the beginnings of most of my work. Just an idea but that approach often works for me.

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