Adventures at the hairdresser and pink vomit

Screenshot 2016-06-03 at 18.02.31

The first thing that struck me was how pink everything was. And glittery. The place looked like someone had vomited pink glitter all over the place.

‘Oh my God.‘ Was the first thing the hairdresser said when I sat down. ‘Your hair color is gorgeous. Is that natural?’ I was about to tell her that it was not, in fact, natural. And that I dye my hair with a mixture of henna and coffee, but she didn’t wait for a response.’What can I do for you today, lovely?’

It was my first time visiting this new hairdresser, but I instantly felt at home. In the next five minutes I learned that the girl who was about to cut off my split ends was named Priscilla, that she grew up in Amsterdam and was starving, like she said. ‘I just started this new diet and it’s terrible. But I have a wedding next week, you know?’ I nodded in response.

Priscilla turned out to be a very good hairdresser. She didn’t mess up my layers, even though she had fake nails that looked like they were at least two inches long, and was talking the entire time. I liked that, because that meant I didn’t have to talk as much. ‘Do you want me to blow-dry it? I could do soft curls, you know. That would look so cute on you!’

Priscilla made my hair look so good that I felt annoyed I didn’t have anywhere important to be that day. ‘Do you think I should wear pink or blue to the wedding next week?’ she randomly asked me. ‘Wait! I’ll get the dresses. My apartment is upstairs, you know.’ She ran off before I could say anything, and before I knew it I had helped some random girl I didn’t know  with her dress choice for her best friends wedding. That kind of amazed me, how fast you can turn into someone’s friend. Even if it’s just for a brief moment. Priscilla made me smile.

Photo taken by Ben Rosett (via


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