Something to remember

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Showing love and affection is hard for many people, including myself.

‘I love you’ is a heavy, meaningful thing to say. Not words to just throw around, at least in my opinion. Luckily, you can show affection to the people around you in many different ways.

I have sometimes missed the feeling of affection when I grew up. At times, I have felt like I didn’t belong and that people wished that I would just leave. I didn’t feel appreciated, wanted or loved.

I now constantly try to make it a point to show appreciation to the people that I love around me. It’s something that easily gets forgotten in the daily rush of things, but I try to say and do things that show people how much I love them, rather than just saying those words.

Be safe. – You’re doing great. – Can I do something for you? – Thank you for explaining that to me. – Is there something I can help you with? – I love it when you do that. – You’re a great person to spend time with. – I can be myself around you. – Thank you for making me smile. 

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