How real is our current reality?

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Daily prompt: vision.

‘I don’t believe anything until I see it’, used to be a phrase I said a lot. But that was before I really thought about it.

Human beings seem to think that when they sense something, with their nose, taste, hearing and particularly vision, it’s true. They seem to think that this is proof of reality. but what if your senses fail you?

I know my senses fail me all the time. When it’s cold outside the tap water feels warm and daylight can appear much brighter after being in a dark place for a longer period of time. How can we know our senses aren’t deceiving us right now in this moment?

We don’t. There are plenty of false perceptions and belief, and we can’t prove anything is real. I’m sure you’ve had really vivid dreams before. How do you know you’re not dreaming right now? How do you know you’re even sitting right there reading this post? For all that you know you’re somewhere else, dreaming about this. Something to think about.

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4 thoughts on “How real is our current reality?

  1. I truly believe we create our own reality, in fact, we can do nothing else. With all the millions of sensory input bombarding us at any one moment – thousands of visuals, a myriad of smells, layers of sounds, things we feel with every cell in our bodies – and more, we could never experience everything to experience. So we choose. And that choice is our reality and that reality is unique to each of us at every moment. Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. It is one I love to explore.

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    1. I like this! And you’re right – what we might perceive as reality right now will be considered false in the future.


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