The joy of thrift stores

Screenshot 2016-05-10 at 14.47.29

The smell is faint, but undeniably there. Like a mixture of an old barn and my grandmother’s perfume. Weird, unpleasant but nice at the same time. The smell of thrift stores.

I’ve been ‘thrifting’ as it’s sometimes called, for a really long time. I come from a large family (five siblings) and I’m the youngest of them. When I was still a child, my parents didn’t always have a lot of money, so thrift stores were the way to go.

As a child, I hated having to wear thrift store clothes. Especially as I entered high school and fitting in was like the most important thing. I’ve been bullied pretty bad for my clothing at times, but in hindsight, I’m kind of happy I was different than anyone else. I stood out and people remember me for always doing my own thing.

Nowadays I love thrift stores and vintage clothing stores more than anything. It’s not just about finding beautiful clothing and furniture, it’s also the process of finding a nice things between what often is a lot of junk. It can take hour and hours of digging through piles of old clothes that are five sizes too big, but then you find that one beautiful silk blouse that fits you like a glove, and it’s worth it all.

Photo taken by Zbysiu Rodak (via


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