A dreadful day

I never knew a piece of paper could be a shield. But it was when they tried to hurt me with their words.

It had been a sunny morning and I had actually felt okay – the bullying wasn’t the first thing on my mind when I woke up, like it usually is. But when I got to school it wasn’t any different. Their words were mean as always, and they had broken my glasses. Again.

Breaks were the worst. When we had to go outside and Mrs. Stephanie stopped paying attention to us. She was way too busy smiling to the teacher with the dark hair. They stole my lunch at least three times a week. Today I didn’t bring any.

But the Newspaper was there to protect me. Dad gave it to me when I was seven. He said the newspaper was from the day I was born. June 24th, 1996. I read the stories over and over again until they were ingrained in my mind. Burglary. Death. Politics. Weather. And advertisement for expensive suits. I knew it had been sunny on the day I was born. – It’s one of the first days of summer after all.

I would hold the newspaper up in front of my face and read the words. Over and over again, until they were louder than their words. That’s how I kept myself sane.

Photo taken by Ryan Tauss (via Unsplash.com)



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