I’ll follow the sun

For me, simple lyrics mean the most. ‘Tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun’ from The Beatles is one of my favorites. It’s what I’m doing right now while the song is playing in my ears.

The light cushion in my running shoes makes it feel like I’m flying across the straight, flat road. My phone beeps. Three kilometers left.

The sun is hot, but not burning. The wind almost non-existent. Something that rarely happens in a coast town like this one. Two kilometers left.

The sun slowly begins to set. Kissing us goodnight, but kissing a different place, in a different world, good morning. One kilometer left.

I can see the curve in the road, which means I’m making my last meters. The air has never felt fresher, my lungs never fuller, my legs never stronger.

When my phone beeps again I don’t immediately stop, because I really don’t want to. I only find the slightest bit of comfort in knowing that I can do it all over again tomorrow.

Photo taken by Maria Stiehler (via Unsplash.com)


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