A small piece of history

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I had actually been looking for my journal, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not in the drawers or under the table. I even looked in the bathroom – which I think is something most people do, even though they know they aren’t going to find anything in there.

But instead, I found a penny. In a box with old black and white photos that my mom got after my grandmother passed away.

One thing I do when I find a penny is see what year it’s from. Although the room was barely lit, I managed to read the year the penny was made. 1947.

A lot happened in that year. The Marshall plan was introduced. The Philadelphia Warriors won the NBA. Anne Frank’s diary was published for the first time. I could go on. This penny survived through all of it. And for all that I know, it might have traveled the world.

I slip the penny in the back pocket of my jeans, where it’s safe. This penny has seen a lot more of the world than me. I might be able to learn something from it.

Photo taken by Roman Kraft (via Unsplash.com)


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