New year, new planner (and why I don’t decorate mine)

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Oh, I also bought a new cute notebook, because I can never leave Office Depot with just the one item that I planned to buy.

I’ll have to admit, I love planners, and I love browsing the #planneraddict hashtag on Instagram. It’s like scrapbooking 2.0. Everything just looks so neat and organized, and it makes my planner-loving heart flutter. For a while I got sucked into the planner community myself. Twenty fancy pens and a basket full of washi tape later I was spending hours decorating the pages of my first Filofax.

I don’t decorate my planner anymore
Shocker. After a couple of months of decorating it just became a chore and I couldn’t keep up with it anymore. It’s fun or a while, but who has time (and money!) to sit down every couple of weeks just to decorate pages and post them on Instagram? Planning my day felt like it had become a competition.

So I quit doing it. Halfway through 2015 I bought a simple planner and put away all my planner decorations, except a blue pen and a pink highlighter. And guess what? It’s all I needed. My planner felt more organized and less cluttered without the stickers and washi tape.

Back to basics
I know that for a lot of people, decorating their planner is a very relaxing hobby. I actually found it relaxing too, but the end product (the carefully decorated pages) was anything but that. The decorations and time spent decorating defeated the purpose of a planner for me.

This year I ended up with a planner from DiVOGA, which is similar to the one I used the second half of last year but in a smaller size. It has both the week and the month on two pages, a bookmark and some extra space for notes. That’s really all I need from a planner, and that’s okay. I still enjoy browsing the tag #planneraddict on Instagram, but decorating one is just not for me.


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