Establishing a writing routine

writing_dustin lee
Photo taken by Dustin Lee (via

Just like most of us, I love writing with my heart and soul. But it seems to be getting harder for me to keep myself in the writing flow as I get older. I was that kid that wrote notebooks and notebooks full of stories about fictional characters. It was my favorite thing to do, and more than once I got scolded by my teachers for writing poems and stories in my coursebooks. I wrote about girls that didn’t take anyone’s shit (the little feminist I was), I wrote about animals that could speak, fairies living in enchanted forests and wizards. I had a never ending source of inspiration that was my brain and didn’t really care about what anyone thought of my funny little stories.

Nowadays, I lose my inspiration and writing flow more easily. It’s one of the reasons I decided to blog again. If I don’t write I get stuck. I start asking myself stupid questions like ‘Is my writing good enough?’ and ‘Is this subject I want to write about interesting enough?’ While in real life, the fear of failing at ‘being a good writer’ shouldn’t matter, or at least should not hold me back.

I notice that as long as I write, I have the desire to keep writing more. I keep my creativity flowing and my brain sharp. Writing frequently helps me to stay creative.

That’s why in 2016, I want to establish a good writing routine. It’s one of the three goals I have set for myself this year (the other two are minimizing my make-up and clothing collection and getting more into yoga, but that’s for another post). My goal is to write in my personal journal once a week (on paper) and write a blog post at least every other day, which you will be able to read right here.


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